Because Board Rooms Are Boring

Prep Academy Tutors is an at-home tutoring service that gives students one-on-one instruction. What sets us apart from other tutoring services? All our tutors are professional, certified teachers. Our approach, however, is anything but clinical—we treat each of our students like friends or classmates would. We want our students to consider us their “smart friend,” who explains things in clear and casual language.

Our approach is driven by an old-fashioned love for people. Our tutors, our teams, and all of our employees are friendly and approachable. If we can make a phone call instead of an email, we will. If we can meet in person instead of calling, we’ll do that instead! Prep Academy Tutors believes in communication that’s open, honest, friendly, and enjoyable.

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Why Franchise With Us?

The approach at Prep Academy Tutors isn’t just for show—it’s really how we think the world should be. That’s why we take the same approach with our franchisees! We want to work alongside you every step of the way, from our first meeting to opening your “doors” for business. With Prep Academy Tutors, we want to help you make an impact in your community while achieving your business aspirations. With premium at-home tutoring service, we can accomplish both together!

What characterizes the way we work?

  • We only hire qualified teachers.
  • We communicate old-school, with real interaction.
  • We believe in the power of honest feedback and conversation.
  • We work off the student’s curriculum, covering all subjects and levels.
  • We always have flexible schedules—we’re like big, smart rubber bands!
  • We give students one-on-one attention so they learn at their own pace.

Prep Academy Tutors is excited to equip franchise owners to manage a profitable tutoring business with minimal restrictions or required tools. Are you an early bird or a night owl? It doesn’t matter! Our model allows you to choose your own hours—right from your own home! Virtually everything you need to run a tutoring franchise is a laptop, a cell phone, and a friendly attitude. We provide the support, experience, and the training.

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