Want the Corner Office? Sure—You’ll Just Have to Move the Bed.

Aspiring business owners are not like other people. They’re not willing to settle for doing the same task day in and day out—they want to call the shots, to take hold of their own destiny. More than anything else, aspiring business owners want to make a change, to contribute to their community. At the same time, the risks of business ownership can often keep would-be entrepreneurs from taking the plunge.

Thankfully, franchising with Prep Academy Tutors offers a unique opportunity. Franchising has been known as a business model that mitigates some of the risks of business ownership, providing a more stable base from which to work. Small business studies revealed that 90% of franchises stayed open after 5 years, compared to 50% of independent small businesses.

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Why Franchise with Us?

With Prep Academy Tutors, franchising has never looked more promising. PAT owners have the flexibility to choose their own hours while working from home, either full or part-time! If you are a night owl or an early bird who prefers to work odd hours, our business is designed to allow you to do that with minimal tools or investment requirements.

Other advantages our franchise offers includes:

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Option to take summers and March Break off
  • Support system that provides substantial leads
  • Relatively small initial investment or start-up capital required
  • Old-fashioned business approach that values real interact
  • Network that helps you develop connections in your community
  • Business model that allows you to run a business with a phone and laptop

Who Is Prep Academy Tutors?

The best part of franchising with Prep Academy Tutors is the dream of every business owner—to have an impact in the lives of others. We are an at-home tutoring service that provides one-on-one help for students ranging from 4 to 24 years old.

What sets our tutors apart is that they are all certified teachers—but instead of being unapproachable, we value working alongside students, helping them learn as their friend and supporter! Our approach is friendly and flexible, and we work around the student’s schedule. That way, we can be there when they need us. Because there is such a demand for this kind of help, the tutoring field’s growth potential is estimated to be in the billions (yes—with a “B”).

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