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In 2010, Carly Dougherty had a problem. She had been spending her time providing private tutoring to students in her community. Previously, she had worked as a tutor by helping students one-on-one to earn money for her bachelor’s degree. Eventually, she would even earn a master’s degree in Child Psychology, helping her become a better tutor. Carly knew that she wanted to work with kids…but she wasn’t sure how yet.

Her problem was that she was fully booked, and there was a higher demand for reputable tutoring than she could provide. Students needed one-on-one tutoring from people they could trust! So that year, she decided to start a business where certified teachers would visit students’ homes to give them the instruction they needed.

Carly’s reason for providing in-home tutoring was simple: students are more comfortable at home. Moreover, parents wouldn’t have to deal with dropping off and picking up their kids from a facility. At our core, Prep Academy Tutors has been about making families’ lives better without additional hassle.

Franchising…and Beyond!

In 2012, someone saw the effectiveness of Carly’s approach and knew that it would make a perfect franchise business. Carly agreed because she wanted to reach more students—however, she only cared about one thing: preserving the humble, family-owned business environment, no matter what. As long as tutors remained professional, flexible, and personal, she knew that everything else would fall into place.

Over the next few years, they assembled a dream team of like-minded individuals with academic backgrounds and a passion for education and helping students. Together, they each opened their own Prep Academy Tutors location in Midtown Toronto, West Toronto, York Region, and Vaughan. To this day, our franchisees only hire Ontario Certified Teachers and individuals who have backgrounds in education.

Prep Academy Tutors is proud to provide the best tutoring instruction in all of Canada. Our approach to communication and collaboration means that our students not only do well but gain confidence in their abilities as learners. In the end, that’s the most important accomplishment we’ll ever achieve.

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