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If you are passionate about education and want to impact the lives of students on your own terms, owning a tutoring franchise is the opportunity you have been looking for. At Prep Academy Tutors, we are passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals, while also providing a way for individuals to achieve their dreams of financial independence and success.

Many people do not realize the power and potential of the tutoring industry. Parents increasingly want their children to do well in school, and are willing to invest their money for the right service. Experts estimate that the tutoring service market will grow by billions in the coming years, but few businesses have decided to seize the opportunity. That means the market is wide open.

Why Prep Academy Tutors?

With a market poised for explosive growth, all the industry needs is passionate people who are willing to offer exceptional tutoring services built around the needs of students and families. Prep Academy Tutors is the business that has been doing just that. We are a rare kind of tutoring service because we only hire certified teachers, each one accredited through the Ontario College of Teachers.

What Sets Our Team Apart?

  • We are professional – Everything we do meets our high standards, from our tutoring to our business relationships. We pay attention to details because it makes all the difference.
  • We are involved – We are involved in the lives of our students and our communities as a whole.
  • We are a team – Our team members collaborate with each other and with our business partners because we know the value of working together.
  • We are enthusiastic – We love what we do! We build relationships with customers and provide a fun and productive setting in everything we accomplish. We genuinely care about our work.
  • We work hard – We always strive to improve our services and increase our profitability while having fun.
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