Back to School Tips for Success

Posted on August 17th, 2017 8:15pm
By: prepacadtutors

Where has the summer gone? It may feel like just yesterday that you were leaving your school’s halls to begin the summer holiday, but it is now time to begin preparing for the excitement of a new academic year. You may be wondering how to best equip yourself for the challenge ahead. Before you soak up the last rays of the summer sun, read ahead to get ready for what will certainly shape up to be an incredible new year!

The first piece of advice I have for you is to set goals for yourself. Envision what you want out of the academic year. Perhaps you are hoping to become more involved in extracurricular student life, or kick that nasty procrastination habit for good. Spend some time thinking about what it means to you to be successful. Thinking about what grades you would like to receive may be helpful, but I would recommend focusing more on study skills than the end result. Once you have adequately thought about what type of student you want to be for the year, write it down! Use words, pictures, or whatever else you would like to construct a document that outlines your goals and how you will achieve them. Place this document somewhere where you will be able to refer back to it often, such as hanging in your room or folding it in your monthly organizer. This way, you will be able to read through it whenever you are facing a difficult task and need some inspiration.

This leads to my second tip for you: stay organized. Organization is even more important than intelligence in determining how well you will do at school and in life. I like to use a daily, weekly and monthly planner to write down everything that needs to get done and important due dates. Use different colours to record homework, assignments, tests and other school-related tasks. You can also use your daily planner to record other significant events in your life, such as extracurricular activities and family time. When you are scheduling in time to study, make sure that you also plan for relaxation time! Writing down everything that needs to get done may seem time-consuming and difficult at first, but it will soon become a habit that you will learn to love.

My final tip for you before the new school year rolls around is to think about becoming more involved in student life at your school. Perhaps you have been so focused on your academics in previous years that you did not believe you had time to get involved in athletics or clubs. Do you feel a desire to run for student council? Is the knitting or Harry Potter club something you have been wanting to join? Just do it! This is a wonderful way to make new friends and have a more fulfilling school year. If you found that you were so involved in extracurricular activities in the past year that you hardly had any time to get your homework done, then this tip does not apply to you. In that case, you should definitely scale back and find the right balance between schoolwork and other activities. If there are no clubs that you are interested in joining, consider speaking with your school’s administration about potentially starting a new club that peaks your interest.

By setting goals for yourself, staying organized and becoming more involved in student life, I guarantee that you will set yourself up for success! Make this year the best year you have ever had by taking some time now to prepare for your return to student life. Enjoy the last moments of your summer vacation before you once again awaken to the sound of your alarm!