The Homework Battle

Posted on October 27th, 2016 9:22pm
By: prepacadtutors

Parents often feel it is their job to get their children to do well in school. Homework can often be the focus of parents and they struggle to get them to complete the work. The constant battle and frustration can lead to disengagement from the child and heightened anxiety. We have put together some helpful suggestions to make for a smooth homework time.

Set limits around homework time:

  1. Make sure homework is done in a public area of your house.
  2. Homework is done at the same time each night.
  3. If grades are falling, take away screen time so your child can focus and have more time to concentrate on work.
  4. Make it a rule that weekend activities don’t happen until homework is completed.

We need to remember as parents that homework is given to help children learn the importance of responsibilities. At times, we need to back off a little bit and let them take charge of their day. There is a distinct difference between guidance and over- functioning. As parents, we need to use the appropriate language to empower our children to face the challenges and expectations of their schoolwork. It is important to set them up to succeed and encourage them to use strategies to help themselves. If you do suspect a learning difference, this is something that must be identified and dealt with as this will affect their level of independence.

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By: Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC